It's the foundation for IoT remote support

Dataplicity lets you control, manage and repair your devices even as they roam between cellular, satellite and fixed networks beyond your control.

Repair devices on remote networks.

Dataplicity gives you straightforward terminal access to your devices on remote cellular, satellite and fixed line networks. This means you can fix things directly instead of long phone calls walking your customers through diagnostics.

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No more!

Give your customers a proper URL to access their device web control panel. only works on local networks anyway: Dataplicity Wormhole works everywhere.

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Forward TCP port to your Windows PC or Mac.

Dataplicity Porthole lets you forward TCP ports including VNC and SSH from a Dataplicity-enabled device to your workstation. Porthole is also suitable for 24x7 production use on Windows Server.

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Deploy your support solution at factory

Installing Dataplicity at the factory solves your remote support problem before your devices reach your customer. Which is even more handy if your customers happen to deploy some of your devices near Everest Base Camp .

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One button repairs

Dataplicity Custom Actions allow you to effect common repairs with less effort and fewer mistakes: push one button and print out all the diagnostics you need; push another and it's fixed. Your customers will be amazed.

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Learn how your devices perform in the field

Dataplicity Diagnostics gives you instant access to device telemetry, data transfer statistics and performance data. Access device network configuration, cpu information and memory utilisation while your device is actually running.

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How it works

Dataplicity uses an opportunistically connected, client-initiated, secure HTTPS connection to the Dataplicity IoT Router. It works on satellite, cellular and fixed networks, even if you can't ping the device directly - all it needs is a functioning internet connection.

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